Do you hate the hassle of flying more than you love visiting exotic destinations?

All Nippon Airways unveiled a telepresence robot on Monday that lets people experience faraway places without having to travel there in person.

The robot, named Newme, can transmit high-definition 2K video that lets its human user see and interact with the bot's surroundings.

ANA plans to debut 1,000 Newme robots by next summer, allowing humans to attend sporting events or go shopping on the other side of the world.

Newme, which looks like a tablet atop a pole attached to a moving base, was built by OhmniLabs at Tokyo's Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies.

"By placing the world at your fingertips, avatars will open up new possibilities and help reshape everything from business and education to healthcare and entertainment," Shinya Katanozaka, president and CEO of ANA HD said in a statement.

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