The French energy company EDF is to be given to the possibility to build four new EPR nuclear reactors in the country within the next decade and a half, reveals to the magazine Le nouvel observateur.

There is no final decision yet, and officially, the matter is still up for debate.

earlier this week, the French newspaper Le Monde that the mainly state-owned energy company Électricité de France, EDF, has been given a detailed roadmap of the country's environment and finance ministers, as concerns the future of nuclear power.

the energy company will receive in the mail an assignment to study how to build a three-reaktorpar in three different parts of the country in the next decade and a half, " says the paper.

in particular, it is about to build four new EPR reactors, in which the acronym stands for the European Pressurised Water Reactor or Evolutionary Power Reactor.

This is a third-generation pressurised water reactor, which EDF has been involved in developing.

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