It’s been a long time since Nvidia did a refresh of its popular Android TV and gaming device, the Nvidia Shield TV.

But if recent glitches on Amazon and NewEgg are any indicator, we’ll soon see new versions of the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro.

NewEgg’s now-removed product page showed a massively redesigned Nvidia Shield TV that uses a tiny, cylindrical shape with ports at both ends.

It’s unclear whether or not there’s a flat section to keep the streamer from rolling away, but we do know that it will support Dolby Vision, something that was lacking from previous versions of the product.

The new, smaller form-factor ditches the two USB 3.0 ports from the 2017 model but adds a microSD card slot.

Inside, an Nvidia Tegra X1+ CPU powers the show, which could mean 25% faster performance according to the product description.

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