It's not a secret that Tesla's been on a financial roller coaster ride pretty much since it hung up its proverbial shingle, and of course, that's not a great way for a company to operate.

In an effort to shore up profits, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has made a few changes to the way the company deals with customers.

Specifically, the company is revising its policies surrounding the return and exchange of its vehicles, as well as the way it handles customer deposits.

With deposits, the company is nixing its policy of taking $1,000 refundable customer deposits.

Instead, according to a report published Thursday by CNBC, it's dropping the cost of a deposit to just $100 and making that amount non-refundable.

That change makes a lot of sense because dealing with refunds takes people and time, which means it takes money -- likely a lot more money than the deposits are realistically worth.

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