“It's never been easier to take room-filling sound with you, without sacrificing smart speaker features.”

We’ve only just started to see the first wireless speakers that are designed to easily transition from whole-home Wi-Fi component to go-anywhere, battery-powered Bluetooth nomad, but Bose has already laid claim to this turf with its $350 Bose Portable Home Speaker.

The Portable Home Speaker survived with only a tiny cosmetic scratch on the top edge.

When indoors, they tend to make themselves felt a bit more than you’d expect, but this is actually beneficial when you take the speaker outside where it has to compete with a variety of other sounds.

Regardless of location, the speaker’s 360-degree sound dispersion kept audio quality remarkably even.

I sat the speaker within inches of a Google Home Mini, and every time I uttered, “Hey Google…” the Bose speaker was first to respond both visually with a confirmation light and by the Assistant’s verbal reply.

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