The youngest Latinx millennial is 23 years old.

She was 12 when America elected a black president and 13 when a Latina was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

She was also 16 when Dreamers were given a shot at staying in America lawfully and when cannabis was legalized in two states.

When she celebrated finally turning 21, the soundtrack of her party was dominated by the song of the year in the United States—a Spanish song: Despacito.

When Dreamers turned into “bad hombres” and the American dream was closed off by delusions of a wall.

Our young Latina—and all Latinos in the U.S.—now had a choice: go back to the times when Latinos assimilated and let go of many parts of their culture as they blended in or continue to stand boldly in their truth as a hyphenated-American.

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