”Everybody wants to be sustainable, but few companies are able to prove that they are in fact doing so.

the Fristads launch of its ”green” collection earlier this year, it was also the first to be miljödeklarerad.

the Black-on-white how can I see the impact that a particular garment has on the environment and on climate change.

this is Why I know that an ordinary t-shirt in a cotton and polyester blend, as Fristads, sell, have claimed that 17,000 litres of water during the manufacturing process, and has contributed to a 6,03 carbon dioxide, while the recycled polyester, which is part of the new collection has been called for 9 and 10 litres of water to produce, and has been called 4,43 carbon dioxide equivalents.

For customers, there will be, for the first time, be possible to make a truly informed choice, and get a grip on the amount of resources needed to produce new clothing.

if you read the fine print to notice, however, that it is not a matter of all of the items are made from recycled materials.

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