An entirely electric black cab in an approximation of the traditional London vernacular has gone on sale, with any new entrants to the world of licensed urban taxi driving able to pick one of for just £47,995 when factoring in the full government EV grant break.

It's not an entirely traditional looking ride, though, as the vehicle's creator, Dynamo Electric Taxi, is heavily modifying a pre-existing, Nissan-produced e-NV200 electric van to create the battery-only machine; but that does at least mean proven tech is being used here, with the Dynamo delivering a maximum stated/ideal/fantasy range of 187 miles per charge, and compatibility with your usual 22 kW and 50 kW commercial fast/faster chargers, ultimately delivering a stated running cost-per-mile of just 3p.

More importantly is the fact that the machine has been approved by Transport for London for use as an official black cab, even though it's slightly the wrong shape for the tourists.

This leaves the current builder of the hybrid black cabs that are already out there looking a bit silly, as the London Electric Vehicle Company only offers vehicles with range-extender engines.

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