At the beginning of the year, Sphero out a small robotic vehicles, which are financed by a crowdfunding campaign, which appears to have been a success.

Now the Sphero rolling robot, the RVR is, that it can be read as "rover" and, in his own store, in which those who have not jumped on the crowdfunding campaign to buy it.

the RVR is a programmable robot, in which the user can modda, both hardware and software.

There is, for example, will be able to provide the RVR with a robotic arm, a camera, or anything else, and how these devices will behave in a way, the user may then, himself, program the associated application.

When the Sphero has launched an RVR of the Kickstarter were able to buy it for $ 200 but it is not just the cost that is now $ 250.

below are found in a introductory film for the RVR, which is a little bit about the little robottanken able to do that."

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