Google says it’s taking steps to ensure it remains transparent in the ways it handles sensitive data in the cloud, and to afford its cloud services customers greater control over and visibility into when and how that data is used.

In a blog post, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said that Google will soon begin publishing the number of government requests it receives for Google Cloud Platform and G Suite enterprise data as part of its semi-annual transparency report.

(Chief rivals like Amazon Web Services already break out such requests.)

Additionally, he says that Google will work with partners and others in the coming months to promote principles that “help inform a more modern approach to enterprise data security policies worldwide.”

The principles in question, of which there are five, lay out a framework for the enactment of “modern” legislation and enforcement around digital data.

Not-so-coincidentally, they arrive after the U.S. and U.K. entered into an agreement to make it easier for American and British law enforcement agencies to obtain data from companies based in each country.

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