Nvidia is once again planning the launch of Super versions of its graphics cards in an effort to thwart AMD’s Navi plans.

Following the announcement of the RX 5500 and 5500 XT, leaks and rumors have appeared of a new pair of Nvidia’s Super graphics cards, this time bolstering the range of GTX 16-series GPUs.

New benchmark results for a GTX 1660 Super have appeared online, suggesting the cards are getting very close to release.

The Super series is here and offers stiff competition to AMD’s best midrange cards.

Specifications for Nvidia’s GTX 1660 first leaked out of JD.com in mid-October, with other sources confirming them and those of the GTX 1650 Super a few days later, via Videocardz.com.

The 1660 Super features almost identical specifications to that of the standard 1660, but with faster memory (14Gbps versus 8Gbps), which leads to a 75% improvement in memory bandwidth.

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