Issue trigged by how “certain network traffic conditions interact with our firewalls”

Mimecast has blamed a series of intermittent service disruptions over recent weeks on network/firewall issues and says it is urgently working on a permanent fix, with the email resilience provider’s CEO Peter Bauer taking to the company’s website with a recorded video apology in an attempt to placate irate customers.

The $340 by revenue company (fiscal year ended March 2019) processes approximately 1.2 billion emails per day for 34,400 customers globally.

It integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps to provide email security, archiving and continuity services in the event of primary email service outages.

In recent weeks US-based users in particular have faced email delivery issues, and also been unable to access Mimecast’s administration center.

The issue became particularly pronounced on October 23-24, with mail flow drying up for hours.

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