AT will dispute allegations that it was negligent after allegedly contributing to the loss of $1.7 million worth of digital assets owned by a customer in the latest SIM swap case.

A spokesman for the company, Jim Greer, told CoinDesk: “It’s unfortunate that Mr. Shapiro [the customer] experienced this, but we will dispute his allegations.

We look forward to presenting our case in court.”

The news comes after Seth Shapiro, head of strategy at VideoCoin, a decentralized video encoding, storage, and content distribution system, said the phone company had failed to secure his device when it was hacked in May last year.

According to Shapiro, hackers allegedly gained control of his mobile phone, reset his email, and then breached several accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges, stealing $1 million in the process.

“Recent high profile cases reinforce the importance of businesses and consumers taking steps to protect against SIM swap fraud, such as not using mobile phone numbers as the single source of security and authentication,” Greer added.

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