Samsung is hoping to give SmartThings, its connected home platform, a boost, adding new rules support and coaxing device-makers into adding compatibility.

Announced at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 today, the company’s annual developer event, SmartThings’ new Rules API promises to better link together multiple devices acting on a single command or trigger.

Samsung acquired SmartThings back in 2014, and set to work integrating things like Bixby and its range of home appliances into the platform.

While there are a handful of SmartThings connected home devices – including security cameras, motion and door sensors, and other IoT gadgets – the platform’s main strategy was in trying to link together third-party devices in a more seamless way.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 devices supported in the ecosystem, Samsung said today.

That’s more than the roughly 450 devices Apple says are compatible with its HomeKit platform, certainly.

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