Last year, Photoshop introduced a tool called ‘Select Subject’ that made it super simple to select a primary subject from an image – or at least give you a decent starting point.

Problem was, this feature worked across the entire image; you’d have to do some extra work if you only wanted to select one subject out of multiple or isolate a particular item.

Today Adobe gave us a sneak peek at a new AI-powered ‘Object Selection’ tool coming to Photoshop that makes selecting particular subjects easier than ever.

The new feature lives alongside the magic wand and quick selection tools and is presented as a simple rectangle marquee.

All you have to do is roughly cover your intended subject with the rectangle and Photoshop will automatically puzzle out what you’re trying to select.

You could, for example, select one person out of a group of friends, making it easy to replace that one person you don’t like.

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