this is a sustainable town, built on common standards, systems and objects to be shared by all, and the resusrsslöseriet brought to a halt.

But one of the major players are not allowed to take over the control of the technical infrastructure, writes Peter Waher, the IEEE, and the Trust Anchor Group.

Sweden is at the forefront of sustainability and are ranked by the united nations, the OECD, the country that has made the most progress.

However, there is a risk of Sweden building up a technical system failure, as it makes it more difficult to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

The time has come to formulate a policy in order to increase the ”samnytta” in the field of technology.

As a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the IEEE, the world's largest organisation of technical experts, it is my privilege to be part of the team that is developing a new architecture, a standard for the Internet of Things and Smart Communities.

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