The company will soon start teasing the launch of a new product through its social channels, using a Halloween theme and the outline of a watch-like product to let us know something special is coming in the near future.

The company exclusively confirmed to Digital Trends the new product is indeed a smartwatch, and it will be available globally at the end of November.

The smartwatch will be a follow-up to the Honor Magic Watch, a little-seen but rather impressive smartwatch launched at the beginning of the year.

While this has given us more information on when we will see Honor’s new smartwatch, there’s still plenty we don’t know.

Honor’s teaser shows the outline of a smartwatch — which closely resembles the original Honor Magic Watch’s design — and says, “Your eye candy is here,” to fit in with the Halloween theme.

There’s no hint of the product name, but it being called the Honor Magic Watch 2 is probably a safe bet.

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