The company has announced a series of new unlimited plans that start at $65 for a single line, or $35 per line with four lines.

There are actually three new unlimited plans on offer — including the Unlimited Starter plan, the Unlimited Extra plan, and the Unlimited Elite plan.

AT isn’t the first provider to offer a range of unlimited plans — Verizon has done the same, offering unlimited data in each, but different perks depending on the plan you go for.

As the name suggests, the AT Unlimited Starter plan is the least expensive, coming in at $65 for one line, or $35 per line for four lines, bringing the total to $140.

This plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data in North America, but that’s about it — so if you want anything extra, you’ll have to upgrade to another one of the AT Unlimited plans.

Unlimited Starter will be available starting on November 3.

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