Not bad if you have over $3 million to splash out on cloud

DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI bot has reached Grandmaster level at StarCraft II, a popular battle strategy computer game, after ranking within the top 0.15 per cent of players in an online league.

Three neural networks were trained to play a series of 1V1 matches as each species in the game.

“The supervised agent was rated in the top 16 per cent of human players, the midpoint agent within the top 0.5 per cent, and the final agent, on average, within the top 0.15 per cent, achieving a Grandmaster level rating for all three races,” according to the results published in a paper in Nature this week.

AlphaStar Final performed the best out of them all, and was ranked above 99.8 per cent of amateur human players in the league.

The performance for AlphaStar Final, however, was not calculated from scratch and instead picked up from where AlphaStar Mid left off and after it had played an additional 90 games on top.

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