Pedro Almodóvar – who has spent his decades-long career giving us sexy, melodramatic romance tales like Tie Me Up!

But weirdly enough, his comments about superhero films are not among the current wave of seemingly endless remarks from the likes of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and others as to whether the Marvel movies hold higher value beyond being smash-hit blockbusters.

There is an unidentified gender, the adventure is what’s important.

For Almodóvar to say that superhero movies are sexless isn’t exactly true – these are films filled with romance, if, disappointingly, there are currently more romantic tales about men named Steve in these movies than there are LGBTQ+ ones.

There are relationships, innuendos, tragic sacrifices made out of love, great victories earned in its name.

There are, for the more juvenile among us, questions about the female orgasm (thanks, Wonder Woman), masturbatory jokes (thanks, Guardians of the Galaxy), even commentary on dick sizes (thanks, again, to Wonder Woman).

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