A French company has come up with a new technique for printing holograms — 2D images which appear to be 3D.

The Chimera printer can print brighter, more detailed holograms than previous hologram printing technologies.

“Our 15-year research project aimed to build a hologram printer with all the advantages of previous technologies while eliminating known drawbacks such as expensive lasers, slow printing speed, limited field of view and unsaturated colors,” research team leader Yves Gentet from Ultimate Holography in France said in a statement.

“We accomplished this by creating the Chimera printer, which uses low-cost commercial lasers and high-speed printing to produce holograms with high-quality color that spans a large dynamic range.”

Previous holographic printing technology has used rigid materials and had limited color range and saturation.

The new printer uses a specially developed highly sensitive photomaterial which has a very fine grain and can print holograms of up to 60 by 80 centimeters.

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