Google wants search to be the center of everything you do.

Now, in a logical next step to make its search products the access point for all content on the web, the internet goliath is turning its focus to healthcare.

David Feinberg, the recently appointed head of its Google Health initiative, outlined plans to make it easier for doctors to search medical records, and improve the quality of health-focused search results across Google and YouTube.

“Imagine a search bar on top of your EHR (electronic health record) that needs no training,” Feinberg said at the HLTH health care conference in Las Vegas last week.

According to Feinberg, the search bar will supposedly allow doctors to type into it, with the system automatically displaying appropriate responses to the queries.

For example, a doctor could just type the number “87” to return details about an 87-year-old patient with a history of stomach cancer.

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