The Nintendo Switch is pretty great right out of the box, but even the best products can be improved with the just the right accessories.

This list rounds up some of our favorite options for making your experience of playing Switch games better at home and on the road.

Our picks here are based on our testing, but if you have your own favorites, feel free to shout them out in the comments.

While many of these might work with the newly released Switch Lite, such as the controllers, several items on the list won't because of the Lite's smaller design or lack of video output.

This little adapter pops into the USB-C port so you can use your Bluetooth headphones with your Switch, including Apple AirPods.

A built-in mic on the bottom of the adapter adds lag-free in-game chat, and you can connect up to two headsets simultaneously for a better gaming experience when you're playing your Switch online in multiplayer games.

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