When you hear the word “audiophile,” you probably think of high-end over-ear headphones from makers like Sennheiser or Audio-Technica — but for surrounding yourself with thick, room-filling sound, there’s still nothing that compares to a good set of stereo speakers.

Traditional “bookshelf” speakers are also much more versatile than a pair of headphones, as they’re the best and easiest way to bring out the best sound from your stereo system, desktop computer, or even the television in your home theater setup.

People who take their audio seriously will be the first to tell you that good sound carries a hefty price tag, but we have some good news with a pretty great early Black Friday deal just for you: Kef makes some of the best stereo speakers on the market today, and a couple of our all-time favorite models – the Q150 and LS50 – are on sale on Amazon right now at discounts of up to $400.

The Kef Q150 are, simply put, some of the best bookshelf stereo speakers that money can buy.

They’re hard to beat even at their normal price, but at this discount, they might also be the best value out there at the moment.

The Kef Q150 speakers pack 5.25-inch driver arrays which our review team found to deliver fantastic sound that was crisp and clear in the upper registers along with thick and punchy bass.

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