The Florida Man meme is well-known, poking fun at bizarre crimes ("Florida man arrested for fried-chicken attack on his girlfriend") and happenings ("Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell") from the Sunshine State.

There's even a birthday challenge that lets you can claim your own weird Florida happening by searching "Florida Man" and your birthday.

Now that President Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has changed his primary residence from New York to Florida, he's also become a Florida Man.

And late-night talk show The Daily Show has created a browser extension that changes the president's name to "Florida Man," leading to some pretty quirky headlines.

The browser extension, available for Chrome and Firefox at, does exactly as promised, meaning a CBS News story on Trump's state change becomes "Lifelong New Yorker Florida Man moving primary residence to Florida," and turning its lead sentence into, "Florida Man has changed his primary residence from Florida Man Tower in New York City to Mar-a-Lago in Florida."

It also works for Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., meaning a story about him becomes "Florida Man Jr. says there are very few people his dad can fully trust."

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