Senic — the company that has developed some new ways to interact with smart speakers and smart lights — now has a new way for you to interact with your favorite streaming services.

If your smartphone supports NFC, simply bringing it within 2cm of a Muse Block will automatically take you to the programmed location within your music service’s app.

The Blocks are made of acrylic glass and printed in a soft-touch matte laminate finish.

They’re sold in three-packs for $15 — an introductory price that may go up — or you can buy them as a $79 seven-piece art set that comes attached to an ash wood bar that you can then wall-mount.

Senic says that it isn’t actively exploring such options, but users may find that many popular services like Netflix, If This Then That, and YouTube are compatible.

Not every phone supports NFC reading (or writing), however, and not all phones that support it will work with the automatic-launching feature.

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