At the tail end of last month, Razer announced plans to produce a left-handed variant of its Naga gaming mouse.

Finding gaming mice dedicated to the lefties of the world can be a challenge sometimes, and that’s especially true if you’re looking for a mouse with a large number of hotkeys like the Naga.

However, Razer makes it clear that creating a mouse for a low-demand market – underserved though it may be – is a costly endeavor, so it’s asking those interested in buying one to pre-register for the device.

“Thanks to our group of passionate left-handed gamers, we have started work on the Razer Naga: Left-Handed Edition,” Razer says on its campaign site.

“However, there’s still a lot more work to be done and we want to hear from the many others who not only want, but need the device.

Share our community clip and help us continue the Razer Naga: Left-Handed Edition.

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