Microsoft has finally begun shipping its pricey augmented reality headgear to customers.

After some initial floundering, and some frankly odd home entertainment demonstrations, the HoloLens has carved itself a niche as a gizmo aimed at workers that need to keep their hands free.

While the first HoloLens carried the whiff of a prototype hurriedly booted into production as all around it seemed to be being cancelled, the latest version is a much more polished affair.

We took a look last month and came away impressed with the potential, if not the price.

And goodness, the augmented reality eyewear is not cheap, at $3,500 for the device (or $99 per month for the development edition, $125 with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist), only the well-heeled enthusiast will be picking one up.

For Enterprises it is a different matter, with customers such as CBRE regarding the thing as just another tool to assist engineers in the field.

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