TV makers are going bigger and bigger every year; while 55-inch TVs are still the flagship, the market for 65-inch TVs is growing fast, with most sets these days being offered in both sizes, alongside even larger sizes.

Well, Most smart TVs nowadays will pack in 4K resolutions, while many feature color and contrast improvement with HDR (high dynamic range), and a 65-inch TV can help show off those enhancements in far more detail than a meagre 40-inch TV set.

If you want to go even larger, you can also consider these 75-inch TVs – or make a real statement with the Samsung Q950R, which measures a whopping 98 inches.

Make sure you know your budget though, as stepping up to a 65-inch TV can cost you a pretty penny – though you may be able to get a decent discount in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in November, if you can wait that long.

Don't forget 60-inch TVs either – we haven't highlighted any in particular in this list, but you still get a decent-sized set, all the benefits of a 4K resolution, and the usual set of smart TV features too.

Each one in this list has been tested and approved by our expert team of reviewers, so you can make a well-informed decision.

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