The very first and only rule to know about CrossFit, whether you partake or not, is to always talk about CrossFit (this isn't the Fight Club, after all).

If you have a friend who loves CrossFit, I'm sure you already know this very well and probably get annoyed about it (disclaimer: I'm a CrossFitter, so I can make jokes about fellow CrossFitters).

This holiday season, make your friend's fitness-loving heart soar and help improve their training sessions by gifting them with the best CrossFit gear that every CrossFitter hopes and dreams for, but never asks someone to get for them.

That's because CrossFit gear isn't exactly known for being cheap, but there are plenty of budget-friendly items on this list, with many in the $20 to $40 range.

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There are foam rollers, and then there are vibrating foam rollers.

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