The impeachment investigations into the US president are about to enter the potentially exciting phase where they're broadcast live to a TV audience, and the good news for politics-addicted UK viewers is that we'll be able to enjoy/suffer the process live here through the BBC too.

The BBC Parliament channel, which everyone knows the EPG number of nowadays since Brexit: Live really took off, is to show the impeachment procedures from November 13; the date the House Intelligence Committee's interviews with Trump's staff and handlers goes live on US TV, hopefully giving the Failing US President a career-ending roasting.

It's handy for BBC Parliament to have something to show too, as the forthcoming general election and dissolution of Parliament means it's short of actual UK debates to screen.

So hours of random Republicans droning on about phone calls it is, then.

We'd rather it was wall-to-wall repeats of Columbo filling the gap, but it looks like 5USA and ITV4 have those rights sewn up until we all die of sedentary activity.

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