Those sad evenings when it's a microwaved meal-for-one eaten straight out of the black plastic tray might soon not come with such a high emotional burden to carry in the hours afterwards, as supermarket Morrisons has pledged to remove the non-recyclable food containers from across its entire range of ready meals.

The supermarket says that in moving to entirely recyclable forms of plastic tray – Jesus Christ, you haven't been putting the black ones in the recycling all this time, have you, you idiot?

– it will save as much as 4,000 tonnes of non-recyclable black plastic from entering the bins and landfills of the nation, so suddenly that Mrs Eatwell's Rogan Josh Single Man's Not Enough Rice Probably Chicken Curry House Style Dinner has become much more environmentally sound.

Here's Morrisons explaining exactly why black plastic is so bad: "Conventional black plastic packaging is coloured using carbon black pigments which mean it's invisible to optical sorting equipment at plastic recovery and sorting facilities, resulting in the packaging either being disposed of in landfill or incinerated," and the recyclable plastic they use now in its place is itself made from around 85 per cent recycled material.

So good they're practically fishing them out of the bin, wiping them down, and using them again.

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