Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for businesses right now, it has so far failed to shake up the real estate industry and the use of property software in the same way it has transformed sectors such as banking and healthcare.

By definition, artificial intelligence is technology that can perform human-like tasks.

For many, there are fears that our increasing dependence on AI will generate widespread unemployment in jobs that could, in theory, be automated.

Yet AI has already made a huge impact within diverse sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing, without eliminating jobs.

In reality, the introduction of AI to these industries has helped individuals carry out their jobs more efficiently, reducing the time spent on tedious and time-consuming tasks with office software, which could be better handled automatically.

In light of this, the property industry seems comparatively stagnant due to its reliance on traditional methods, making it well positioned for disruption with the successful implementation of AI.

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