Those bright lights marching slowly in a straight line across the sky this week aren't comets or meteors -- although there was also this bright meteor -- but the second batch of SpaceX Starlink broadband satellites.

Elon Musk's space company launched 60 of the small internet routers aboard a Falcon 9 rocket Monday and within hours they were being spotted around the world, flying in formation.

The sight looks like a train of staggered lights or bright stars, moving in a straight line through space.

Spotters from California to Maryland to Japan uploaded video evidence of the odd spectacle, which again raised concerns from astronomers.

SpaceX launched its first flock of 60 Starlink birds in May, and a number of scientists sounded the alarm that the company's plans to launch thousands of the reflective objects could have an adverse effect on astronomical observations.

It soon became clear the satellites become much less visible as they gain altitude and orient themselves for operation.

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