Learn how a horizontal approach can help you squeeze out the promise of AI, how leaders can build a strategic vision around elevating every part of your enterprise, and transform your company, in this VB Live event.

“Business leaders are often exposed to a keynote, a speech, or a good article talking about how AI is going to change the world, [and so] have a very high level of awareness about AI – but it’s not deep enough to take action yet,” says Filippo Catalano, group CIO at Fortune 500 food and beverage company Nestlé.

“The first thing a business leader needs to do is go one level deeper in his/her own understanding in order to be able then to evangelize on some of the benefits that AI can bring to their own organization.”

AI isn’t just a technological implementation — it’s a deeply, deeply strategic one from a cultural standpoint, and it starts with the highest-level stakeholders.

“A successful AI ploy comes from understanding your organization dynamic, the type of organization you play in,” Catalano explains.

“Maybe you create a global set of expectations for AI, or maybe you create AI champions around the business units.

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