Transformers is a toy line that’s never really dull.

I remember getting Transformers toys for gifts for Christmas and birthdays when I was a kid, and even when (90% of the time) I did not know the character in the box, I was thrilled to get another one of these bafflingly entertaining pieces of moving parts in plastic.

The difference between a “good” transformer and a “could’ve been better” transformer gift always depended on the intended audience for the toy.

This week Hasbro sent us a box with a few of their Transformers toys that are either in stores now or will be in stores soon.

What struck me about the various toys in this newest box that arrived here in November, 2019, was the major differences in intended age range for each product.

While the most hardcore Transformers fan might consider any product a worthy addition to their collection, it’s important to point out the reason there are different intended audiences for different sorts of Transformers.

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