Drones haven't had the best reputation since the infamous Gatwick UK incident of December 2018, but a new DJI app is hoping to help restore public faith in the flying cameras by letting anyone with a smartphone identify airborne drones that are nearby.

According to Reuters, the Chinese drone maker will be releasing a free smartphone app in 2020 (once it gets regulatory approval) that will let anyone track and log crucial info about drones that are within a one kilometer (0.62-mile) range.

The info you'll be able to glean will apparently include the drone's ID number, as well as its location, speed, altitude and direction.

This will work for all recently-released drones, not just DJI-made ones.

The idea is to reduce fears about menacing, untraceable drones, and presumably give the public the option to report drones that are breaking the Drone Code or flying in dangerous areas to the local police.

The PR battle in the sky

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