Spotify has dabbled in showing song lyrics during playback in the past, with its Behind the Lyrics feature being its most widely rolled out implementation to date – although it's more focused on discovering the meaning behind an artist's most tracks than the words themselves.

Now, the music streaming service is following in the footsteps of Apple Music by testing a new feature that brings complete, perfectly synced lyrics during song playback in its mobile app, as reported by TechCrunch.

Numerous users in various international markets have taken to social media to post screenshots of the new feature in action, offering a look at the app's scrolling lyrics implementation.

Spotify kalian ada lirik nya tak?

:"V Ini tiba tiba ada:"V kaget gw:"V eh trnyta dari musixmatch:V 14, 2019

As you can see from the logo in the image above, the functionality appears to be (at least in part) powered by the music data company Musixmatch, which is based out of Bologna, Italy but also has offices in San Francisco and London.

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