Update, October 29, 2019 (2:39PM ET): Huawei sent over the following statement to Android Authority in response to the FCC’s announcement:

In 30 years of business, Huawei has never had a major security-related incident in the 170 countries we operate.

Huawei is trusted by over two billion consumers, partners with many of the Fortune 500 businesses, and supplies more than 500 network operators around the world.

Banning specific vendors based on country origin will do nothing to protect America’s telecommunications networks.

Such action will further widen the digital divide; slowing the pace of economic development without further securing the Nation’s telecommunications networks.

The FCC is aware of alternative measures that could solve both issues – continuing to enhance connectivity in those areas while actually improving the security of US networks – but Chairman Pai is choosing to also ignore what is considered best practices around the globe.

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