Microsoft first unveiled its Fluid Framework earlier this year as the future of web collaboration and shared or interactive services.

The company is now launching a preview of this work today and offering some more information about exactly what Fluid Framework is.

Fluid will power the future of collaborative experiences for Office on the web, but it’s also designed to be far much more, thanks to a new componentized document model.

“We do believe we have to do really core technological innovation in key areas,” explains Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365, in an interview with The Verge.

“Fluid is a way for us to innovate in collaboration, but also in the future of a document in content creation.” This new document model allows authors to tear apart content and use it across apps and flexible documents.

“It takes the concept of what used to be a document and blows it up and replaces it with a big cloud address in the sky,” reveals Spataro.

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