Instagram users are increasingly using the platform to sell secondhand clothing, turning their backs on third-party resale apps like Poshmark and Depop, to avoid fees and connect directly with their captive audience of followers.

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Duan Mackenzie Nelson felt frustrated that no one seemed interested in buying her clothing on Depop.

Her carefully photographed items would remain unsold on the resale app for months, and though the Brooklyn-based YouTuber later found success selling to local consignment shops, she was dismayed by the large commission fees or offers strictly for store credit she was receiving in return for a sale.

As a bona fide micro-influencer with more than 34,000 followers, Mackenzie Nelson found a sweet spot in selling to her fanbase, who was already "liking" and commenting on her lifestyle posts en masse.

"It genuinely makes me feel good," Mackenzie Nelson said of her Instagram sales.

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