With its sleek edges and metallic keyboard, it stood out from a crop of generic flip phones and made the company cool again.

In its four-year run, the chic, ultra-thin handset sold 130 million units on its way to becoming one of the most beloved and iconic pieces of technology ever.

It combines the retro clamshell design with Google's Android software and an innovative foldable touchscreen display that puts a new twist on the classic flip phone.

The new category was also going to serve as a bridge to the kind of sci-fi tech we see in films such as Minority Report or shows like Westworld.

It's hoping that the nostalgic chords it tugs at, combined with a seamless 6.2-inch display (when unfolded) and a compact design (when folded), can generate awareness not just for the Razr, but its larger stable of phones.

"Anything Motorola can do to break through the clutter and remind people that they still make desirable phones will only help."

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