November 28, 2019: Bharti Airtel on Monday announced the acqui-hiring of the Gurgaon based logistics start-up Quikmile that built tech platforms for monitoring vehicles and drivers.

Airtel aims to help improve the logistics efficiency of companies using technology and workforce management platforms with this move.

The Quickmile team will now merge into Airtel’s digital solutions wing, ‘Airtel X Labs’ which works on Internet of Things, digital engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Started in 2018, Quikmile platforms help fleet owners by monitoring engine behaviour, tire conditions and mileage to improve route planning, demand forecasting, analyzing vehicular performance and organized achievement of targets.

It also takes on manpower issues by monitoring driver behaviour such as distance travelled per day, maximum and average speed and harsh braking.

Harmeen Mehta, global chief information officer and director of engineering, Bharti Airtel said “At Airtel X Labs, we are on an extremely exciting journey to build digital solutions for India’s unique requirements.

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