Whether you accept it or not, when you heard of the name Bluetooth for the first time you must have thought of having a blue-toned tooth. It’s really funny to think of this matter now a day. Jokes apart, Bluetooth was named after King Harald Bluetooth, the king of Norway & Denmark from the 10th century. That’s all history, you all know about Bluetooth now, it’s one of the widely used wireless communication technology available now. It’s very common to find it in various communication devices like mobile phones, laptops, computer or any other wireless devices. Bluetooth lets you connect your devices without attaching any wire. For example, a wireless mouse, keyboard, gamepad or soundbox.

When it comes to technology, there is always a vast chance of improvement. Especially you can see this improvement in communication media. Bluetooth is a very important source of virtual communication, so it’s being improved day by day as well. Bluetooth often faced various criticism for some issues. According to the users, Bluetooth has an unstable connection problem, the file transfer speed is very slow, also it doesn’t have any special feature that can make it attractive for the users.

Bluetooth 5.1 Details