Since you are in the process of moving, you will need to procure all those materials that will make the packing game for you.(μεταφορικη εταιρεια αθηνα) Proper packing will save you time on the difficult day of moving. You need to organize the removals very well, first by creating a list of everything you need to do, and secondly by procuring packaging materials.
The most important packaging materials you should have purchased are:

Cartons and pouches
Where would you put your stuff if you didn't have boxes? The boxes can even be found for free if you bargain with the employees of a supermarket. The boxes should, however, be thick and indestructible. As you put your stuff inside it, you have to tilt it very tightly with insulation tape so that it won't open during transport.
In the market you can also find clothes pockets, which aim to save space.

Insulation tapes and labels
Purchase multi-color insulation tapes to pack boxes first. Boxes that need to be opened first in your new home may have red tape.
On the labels you can write down what you have in each box and paste it into them. This way you'll know everything you've put in a box.

Plastic wrap film
Supply bubble film and wrap film. With these you will pack all the sensitive items, such as mirrors, televisions, glassware, etc. Also by applying these plastic films you will save your furniture from scratches.