The collision avoidance system started coming in the new vehicle models that ensure maximum safety. These systems contributing to save more lives with reduced accidents and injuries on the road.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for highway safety) is concerned with conducting vehicle tests and publishes “Top Safety Picks” which concludes 5,000 accidents that involve lane departures and blind spots. They have found the reason behind the same:

  • This feature lessens the injury crashes by 21%
  • The vehicles are equipped with warning features and lessen the injuries by 55,000.
  • The vehicles with lane departure and blind-spot warning features decrease the head-on crashes by 11%.

How Collision Avoidance system work?

Collision Avoidance system allows the car to sense via camera, radar, and laser other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles in the way. These systems predict the collision in the car by giving numerous cues i.e. chirp, blinking mirror or dashboard icon, a vibrating steering wheel that warns you to initiate an action. The more upgraded features also take action for you like applying the brake and correcting steering.

What are the different collision avoidance systems?

Collision avoidance systems restricted to high-end luxury vehicles from the past few years as they are less-priced with the conventional looks and make more available to average consumers.

There are some popular features available in the car.

● Forward collision warning system

This feature acts as a pre-crash warning system that alerts the drivers via chirp if they close quickly on the vehicle in front of them. If drivers neglect the warning, the car with advanced features applies the partial or full auto brake. This feature is most effective in collision avoidance and leads to a 7% crash reduction with a forward-collision warning system and a 15% reduction with automatic braking.

● Blind-spot monitoring and assist

This feature act as an icon that lights up on your mirror or dashboard when it detects a vehicle in the blind spot. If you begin to turn into another vehicle, the vehicle gives another warning like a chirp. The system will take preventive action to keep you in your lane.

● Lane departure warning and assist

This feature uses sensors to monitor the car’s distance from each lane line. If you stray over in another line, the car will alert you. The updated system takes corrective action in terms of applying brakes or nudging the steering wheel so that you keep in your lane.

● Rear Camera and parking assist

One of the prominent features that back up the accidents by signaling your car to emit a chirp as you face an obstacle. These are more helpful when you back into closed or tight parking spots.

What features does the collision avoidance system have?

While highlights like forwarding collision warning, lane departure warning, and back cameras have become a backbone in more up to date vehicle models, some impact evasion highlights are all the more as of late hitting the market. These, as well, have extraordinary potential with regards to forestalling impacts and protecting drivers and walkers.

● Adaptive headlights

This feature is enabled in some new, old or high-end models. With the turn in the steering wheel, adaptive headlights lighten the road as the car turns. Some people find headlights distracting but they come as helpful on narrow and winding roads.

● Sleep detection

This framework utilizes different strategies to decide whether a driver is falling asleep. For instance, in certain frameworks, a PC analyzes present and past directing conduct to search for concerning disparities.

Different frameworks screen a vehicle’s situation inside traffic lines, observing for sporadic development. Still, different frameworks venture to such an extreme as to follow a driver’s eye development. If the vehicle recognizes a lazy driver, it will radiate an admonition to recover the driver on the track.

● Automated parking assistance

This system works towards the identification of parking space (parallel or perpendicular) in which your car can fit into and then you steer the car into space.