What is a Magneto platform : 

 Magneto is a platform that is compatible for online shopping apps like amazon, shop clues and so on. However, Like Apptha/Contus an extension can achieve the basic functionality of rental service app, but eventually this platform will get complex to code and scaling becomes very difficult. Hence, this AirBnb clone script becomes non customisable and a failure.
 Platforms that are best suitable for AirBnb clone apps : 
 AirBnb Clone Apps are platforms that used to explore content, filter choices, select any suitable choice, each option is supported by currency changes, a picture gallery and map for directions, write reviews and interact options, finally a secure payment facility. This app is preferably needs a high level secure programming language like MVC in .Net, Laravel framework, or more upcoming technology like Anguar JS. This will have a strong back end platform to have a hassle free connection from the server. For further queries write to : [email protected]