The wart is actually a small and harmless growth that tends to develop on your skin in gradual phases. You can suddenly notice the spot on your skin that can grow in fragmented clusters in a few days or months. What's the usually when this. In general, they develop on the soles of your feet. These types of warts are known as plantar warts. They make you feel extremely uncomfortable and you have problem walking. Common warts generally occur on your arms. Flat warts have been observed to develop on your face and on certain occasions on your forehead. Besides these skin-colored growths, there are no specific symptoms that can tell you about this condition.

The virus that causes warts
The human papillomavirus, in short HPV, is the main culprit that develops warts on your skin. To date, there have been a hundred different strains of HPV virus found through research. Their origins are mouth and skin including the genital area. The strains that cause warts on hands and feet are different from those that cause them on other parts of the body.

The treatment methods
Treating warts is often a tricky question. Sometimes if you are lucky then this growth goes away rather vanish on its own. The natural immunity of the body helps you to tackle them. But sometimes it can take several months or even years to get rid of them. You feel embarrassed especially in public. The best advice is consulting an experienced dermatologist who has expertise in Wart Removal in Chennai for the right treatment. There are other options, too. For example, you can visit a medicine shop and ask for wart removal solutions. Visiting a dermatologist will ensure that whether the growth is a wart or some other type of skin disease. Pertinent discussions with the doctor will help you to apply appropriate remedies for curing warts.

Using Salicylic Acid
Salicylic acid is often used to treat warts. It is used as a topical treatment product and you apply it on your hands or feet. You need to repeat the Wart Removal Chennai application for many weeks. After you have already applied the acid you need to use a pumice stone for filing out the outer layer of the dead skin.

Procedure for freezing
Another popular method is freezing the wart that is effective in removing them. An expert doctor sprays liquid nitrogen to process the method. This procedure is also known as cryotherapy. You can require more than one session to get rid of the wart completely.

Other methods
There are other more conventional options to remove warts. It can be burning or cutting or even laser therapy. Don't try these things on your own. Experimenting with methods that you are not expert at can harm your body. It is always an intelligent idea to consult a professional for these tasks.

Consult a dermatologist
When you first observed warts on your body don't get depressed. Search for an experienced dermatologist and immediately contact the person. It is not a major disease and easily curable.