Starting a business may sound easier than done. A humongous effort is put to make it successful. Let’s see the important things to consider when launching your platform.

The Uber clone script will help in automating all the processes of allocating drivers to customers and payment transactions. As the Uber clone script is the sole backbone of your whole startup, buy the script which is quality, error-free and future-proof.

Consider Wooberly, a new Uber clone product in the software market. It is coded using the cross-development tool — Flutter, giving high and agile performance, visually exciting user experience and a single code runnable in all platforms such as iOS, and Android. Assured being standard quality, error-free and best to provide technical support.

As the Uber clone App revolves around 3 users — Admin, Drivers, and Riders (customers), find the features of the driver, and rider.

Main features in Driver App

  1. Vehicle details — Vehicle and a copy of the original documents of the vehicle.
  2. Document verification — Scanned documents of the vehicle.
  3. Payout method — Cash and stripe payment is present
  4. Currency and language — Integration of multi-currency and five languages.
  5. Trips — Having two sections — upcoming trips and completed.
  6. Privacy mode of earned details — Hiding earned pricing to provide security.
  7. Driver’s availability — Driver can switch back to offline if he doesn’t want to take a ride.
  8. In-call option — Driver can call the rider to know their exact location.

Main features in Rider App

  1. Multiple vehicle options — auto/micro
  2. Fare breakdown — based on km, durations
  3. Live tracking — the rider can monitor their ride
  4. Payout options — cash and Stripe payment
  5. Multiple currencies and language options — select according to their wish
  6. Track ride history — upcoming/past trips
  7. Fare estimation — calculate their ride fare
  8. Incall options — contact driver regarding trip details
  9. Ratings and reviews — customers can rate their drivers

Please try our iOS and Android apps for both Rider and Driver.