Most folks can do a sufficient jobWater Freedom System Review with the hacksaw if they are careful. The objective is generally to cut a straight edge when cutting pipe so that the piece will completely match into its fitting. Cemented plastic pipe joints will need all the surface speak to they can get, so fitting that doesn't bottom out is a problem.

The clean-cut of a pipe is most vital. Ragged burrs protruding from a pipe's edge at some point will break off and make their way into control valves, appliances, and faucets. Severe edges also generate friction in the water flow is called line friction, which can minimize water pressure. To avert these difficulties, screen any serious edges left by a cutting tool prior to setting up the pipe into its fitting.

To ream a copper or plastic pipe, lift the triangular reaming attachment from the top rated of the cutter, insert it into the end of the pipe and give it a number of sharp twists. When dealing with steel pipe, you'll want a more aggressive reaming tool; one with hardened steel cutting blades. If you have to rent other tools to work with steel pipes such as a pipe threader, rent a reamer as well. If you are creating only a handful of cuts utilize a rat-tail file to get rid of burrs.